So i use a Pioneer XDJ-R1 all in one system which is superb, and i use cd's and/or pen drives to mix on the night. 


Lights are important for your event and they are getting better and better now, the old style par bar is out with the new focus on LED lighting, i have 4 Equinox CANS with differing colours and tend to use 2 of them for uplighting and then 2 for disco lights depending on the space being used, I also use 2 below the speakers behind scrims to add to it all, I also have a Crazy Pocket 8 which really adds to your event.

But the best part of my lighting is the brand new SPHERION DJ Mirrorball, top of the range, and you can see an image of it in my gallery!

All of the lighting would cost well over £700 to buy,

I use JBL G2 EON Speakers 15" - the best in the game in my opinion with as crisp a sound as you can get.

I can also bring my laptop/ipad with Spotify playlists customized to your wedding for use as well.

All of the above he above is included in my price.

If you do require more lighting or any other equipment this can be arranged at cost.